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An important message regarding Head Start 2013-2014 school year changes

Head Start is a free federal program for 3 to 5 year old preschool children from low-income families which is operated by local non-profit organizations all across the country.  Children and families who attend Head Start participate in a variety of developmentally appropriate activities in the areas of education, health and nutrition, and social services. Many community partnerships with local service agencies are established to also assist families in meeting their everyday needs.


July 15, 2013           Spanish Version


Dear Parents,


This letter is to inform you about very important program changes for Geminus Head Start’s upcomingschool year. As you may know, the federal government mandated a nationwide minimum 5.27% reduction for social services programs that include Geminus Head Start. In spite of reduced funding and site closings for the upcoming school year, we are excited to announce the increased level of quality staff to support the 1,504 Head Startand Early Head Start children and families we serve.


Whether you are a new or returning family, enrolled in the center based or home based option, changes in the quality level and expectation of school readiness, insruction, social services and health for each enrolled child will be ground breaking!


In order to effectively accommodate the 1,504 children and families we serve, while considering mandatory government reductions, the best solution for the 2013-2013 school year includes the following program changes:


We will increase the number of home based slots for Head Start children.

We  will  eliminate full day program options.


We will offer double sessions (A.M. and P.M. classes) at the following sites that will operate for 2013-2014:


       1.   Evans Elementary – Lake Station

      8.   Roxana Center – East Chicago

       2.   Iddings Elementary – Merrillville

      9.   St. Mark’s School – Gary

       3.   Eldon Ready Elementary – Griffith

    10.   South Haven – Valparaiso

       4.   Beiriger Elementary – Griffith

    11.   St. Paul Catholic School -Valparaiso

       5.   Wadsworth Elementary – Griffith

    12.   St. Francis – Lake Station

       6.   Hobart Head Start – Hobart

    13.   Lake Ridge Schools – Gary

       7.   Holy Name – Cedar Lake

    14.   School City of Hammond – (7)



The following sites have closed as of July 1, 2013 due to the federal government mandated 5.27% reduction for social services  

and will remain closed for the 2013-2014 school year:


1. St. Patrick’s Church – East Chicago                

2. 2. Temple Israel – Miller (Gary)

3. 4900 Broadway - Gary

4. 4. Hebron Resource Center - Hebron

5. Westchester Intermediate School – Chesterton

6.  Franklin Elementary School - Griffith


If you have already applied and qualified for enrollment at any of the     closed sites listed above, you will receive first priority for enrollment at one of the open double session locations.


Within the next few weeks, an ollment specialist will contact you to discuss your enrollment status and available resources to supplement the half

of school for your child, if you currently work and/or attend school.


A list of child care/pre-school options to supplement the a.m./p.m. Head Start class offerings is listed at the following link:





We appreciate your continued support and look forward to your continued participation with Geminus Head Start and anticipate the 2013-2014 school year to be exceptional for Teaching Children and Serving Families!




Karen Carradine

Karen Carradine, Ed.D.


Geminus Head Start



Head Start helps all children and their families succeed. Services are offered to accommodate the children with special health needs as well as children with disabilities.


In addition to the preschool portion of Head Start, parent involvement and family support are critical factors that allow Head Start to remain in the forefront of federally funded programs nationwide.


The involvement of parents in every aspect of our services is what makes us different from other early learning programs. Parents are involved in all aspects of their child’s education: from developing educational plans for their children, to planning activities for their sites, to working with management on our Policy Council planning organizational tasks and making decisions. These working relationships individualize our program services to enrolled children and families, making our services vital and relevant to those whom we serve.